Tnx idol Haha and gues wat i got my angelic aura hahaha


What reach 0% im not even in top 30 hehehe LOL im too noob in the arena.


Haha sorry bro just play and play and play and play! Enjoy the game and someday u can do it.


Yeah someday huh… XD I hope.


Wow. Why is my highest floor reached 0?


Maybe you haven’t played on Mythic 1 difficulty morr likely you played at Mythic 3. Just a guess.


I always play at Mythic 1 difficulty


I think its just a bug. Campaign leaderboard shows my correct ranking just now.


They should update the leaderboard.


The obvious cheaters should be purged to allow legit players to move up the board…
There are some real unbelievable scores…


Certainly . Well T least I get to be on the legends farmed leaderboard but the DPS leaderboard and others so infested by cheaters that you have no chance.

Back when DQ used to be all about leaderboard and single player lol. The days of that are not as much when arena around but it does suck seeing the cheated leaderboards that it’s a harder chance to be high enough.


I am doing a leaderboard reset, but it is going to be rough. It will remove all leaderboard standings. Amazon’s has already been done, a google reset will take place early next week when the next patch is released.


Even the legend found will be reset too?


I am not 100% sure on that. It may be all leaderboards, I don’t think we have the ability to clear out each individual one.


Did you do it before? I do remember you did but the legends was kept whilst everything else was cleared out as well as the floor reached leaderboard kept so I don’t lose much in that category . Exp same too.

Although maybe this time it clears it so much it destroys the past scores? I won’t know for sure until it’s actually done.


The Amazon device leaderboards have already been reset. It will look similar for Droid.


Next patch is <3 :heart_eyes:


Would this effect take immediately or a patch is needed?


no patch will be necessary. It will happen when it is processed on our end.


Great. Thanks for the response.