Leaderboards Question

Call me new or what have u,

However I have noticed quiet the delay in the leaderboards accumulation. Seeing as I have collected a great number of legends. However the leaderboards are stating I have found 0. Am I missing something shiny box? :question:

P.S. absolutely killer game total satisfaction with this download. :smiley:

Hey iPower, have you had a chance to create a DQ account yet and upload to your data to the servers ? The LB uses that data for the high scores.

P.S. Ty :smile:

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Yes I have uploaded data often. As a manner of fact I usually do it after just about every lvl gain to see incremental increases.

OK so. Upon logging back onto DQ. Re-uploaded my acct to the server. I now have collected 2 legends from what leaderboards says. I do know that I have collected more than that. Is it maybe a number of total legends worn? But that wouldn’t make sense considering that other people are in the thousands of legends :confused:

I show 2 legends on one of your characters, and 3 on the other. Does that sound about right? How many does your Legendex show you’ve collected?

Legendex says I have found 12 legends. Kinda odd but it seems like i have found more than that

I’ll look into it, that does seem odd! Were all the legends you’ve found past patch 1.4, if you remember?

These are all post 1.4. I actually started playing the day of the patch. I’m not trying to get free legends or anything. But I thought u guys would like to know that it was being buggy and it might cause some confusion considering that the leaderboards aren’t entirely accurate.

So let’s say I have found multiple legends. But could them being possible repeats not count as a total accumulation to the LB? But that doesn’t make sense either because there isn’t 1000 legends and people have 1000+ legend finds. I would like to see an answer to this awkward situation. Again I am not trying to poke out the mistakes. Rather confused as to why the LB says one thing but I know another.

Just to provide more clarity. I have farmed 2 legends today that were brand new to my legend ex. And it still doesn’t show any new accumulation.