League down?!?!?!?!?!

I was showing a friend the pvp arena when I had junk farming gear on my character. I lost obviously and it demoted my eternal league to mythic…

Since when is that a thing? If that I’d a thing why isn’t it an active system that demoted people as they lose on defense?

The new arena ranking system allows for this. Eternal league consists of the top 1% of players. When you are no longer in the top 1%, you drop down. Clogon is in Division 2 of Eternal after the update, for example.

It’s much easier to reach eternal, but it’s also easier to drop in rank.

I see. Well it took me 2 matches to get back into eternal. I’m in division 8 though…

Too lazy to continue fighting to get to d1.

Chakrams with scoundrel on them are fun. Blink strike with auto mythic procs ftw.