Leaving Matches? (Bug?)

Kudos for the most recent update and new features!

Anyway, since downloading the update yesterday, I’ve joined a lot of matches however as I did this (and eventually got the fire aura), I received more than a handful notifications that I left matches and therefore lost points as the result when I didn’t leave any that I was in. There were also several instances when I tried to claim my match prizes, only to find no chest in my inventory when I go to campaign mode. I know that Battle Arena is still in beta so being able to fix this (and the re-occuring connection problem when my actual internet connection is stable) would be awesome.

Again, Kudos devs; you just brought this awesome game to the next level!

Yeah, I had this problem too. There was some hosting issues that have since been resolved.
I’m not a dev or mod but I’m guessing this isn’t fixable since their servers probably never received match results. So there’s probably no way to know what matches you win or lost.
Might be able to contact support and have the list points removed, but I don’t know.
I just chalked it up to THE GAME (I lost lol), you know what I am saying?