Legend Affix help please

Is there a way to shorten the list of legendary affix by the items nature .
For example if the nature was luck and you used a ruby would that help you roll luck or gold find?
Or elemental and with that I hope you roll poison or frozen ?
Seems that there’s got to be some method to this madness or do you have to use a butt load of Rubys just to get one affix that your looking for
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

for element Calcite
nature Beryl

Thank you I understand 90% of the crystals i think
I’m asking is there a method to this madness so I don’t waste 98 rubes trying to get Twister or meteor proc or frozen
Does that explain it a little better ?

ok about the procs for ruby just a random affix on it just pray for it no other way to make it easy maybe the RNG just trolling you :smile:

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