Legend Enemies only from Feats?

Hi all,
I tried to search prior posts, but didn’t see an answer to this one. Do Legend enemies ever spawn on their own or are they always the result of completing the Epic Enemy feat?

I’m only on floor 95 and it’s taking forever to find and kill the 500 epic monsters you need to end up with a Mythic enemy to kill.


Yup that the only way to spawn legend enemy finish the book haha

I highly suggest a Hunter ring. Get the recipe here, find a random crappy ring with 4 slots on it, and make your ring. Whenever you find a shrine, put the ring on, hit the shrine, and put your good ring back on. That couple of seconds gets you another 2-6 epic enemies per floor, which makes that feat go much faster!

Thanks moxyll, that should help a lot!

I even have a 4 socket ring that i have been saving.