Legend Ideas (Unofficial)

Okay, for those of us who remember, we used to have a legend design contest for each major patch (the 1.7 contest is still stickied) where players (the community) were given a chance to suggest new legends. For some reason, we didn’t have one for 1.8 (I assume Steiger was busy with the game), so I did ask Steiger if he planned on starting another one (he did reply yes). Anyway, I thought I would go ahead and start a thread for him, but please do note that this is an unofficial thread, in other words, that means that whatever is posted here may or may not be considered by Steiger. Here’s the general rules from the past:

  1. While you are welcome to suggest new mythic affixes, this thread is primarily for designing legend items.
  2. There can be a max of 1 set affix on each legend item (duh…)
  3. Unlimited entries by the same person are allowed
  4. Legends are not required to have a set affix
  5. Every legend should have a name (somewhat optional), element, talent (if not weapon), class (wizard, warrior, or rogue), and type (daggers, bombs, armor, helm, war. sword, robe, etc.)
  6. There should be no more and no less than 6 affixes on each item.
  7. Crystal affixes should not be included.

The following rules ar new as a result of the 1.8.1 update:

  1. Atleast 1 legend affix is now required
  2. Empty sockets are the only yellow affix allowed.

The following guidelines are given to give you a better chance of winning (remember, this thread is currently unofficial):

  1. Avoid cramming all the dmg affixes on weapons
  2. Creative ideas are much more likely to win than overpowered ideas
  3. Try to be reasonable and balanced
  4. Remember: You can suggest new set affixes too!
  5. A description/inspiration blurb may help you.
  6. A suggestion for location to be found may also help you win.
  7. Builds that empower underpowered builds are the most likely to win.

Since the 1.7 contest is still pinned, you can check there for affixes and stat ranges (may be outdated) and an example. You may also refer to the in-game dictionary for stat affixes.

Last of all, some guidelines from myself:

  1. Anytime ambiguity comes from affix tiers arise, prepend the tier beforehand (eg. epic weapong dmg+)
  2. Follow the talent system (don’t put wrath as the primary talent on a warrior’s hemet, etc.)
  1. Legends are not required to have a set affix
    I would love every legend should have set affix because a weak legend(small numeric values on those legend affix) without set affix could be weaker that many epic drops. It is so easy to remove unwanted set affix from legend item.
    Set affix on legend item can help so much for new character.

Type: Wizard Ring
Element: Ice
Talent: Magnify
Affix 1: Augmented - Increases elemental dmg by (rank)% and adds +(rank2)% AoE to spells.
Affix 2: Item Drops
Affix 3: Amplify
Affix 4: Wizardry
Affix 5: Empty Socket
Affix 6: Empty Socket

Gemstone Robe
Type: Wizard Armor
Element: Fire
Talent: Sorcery
Affix 1: Augmented
Affix 2: All Skills
Affix 3: All Elementalist
Affix 4: Comet Proc
Affix 5: Epic Resist (Element)
Affix 6: MP Leech