Legendary affix "pickup radius"

So I picked up the new Nadroji robe (floor 304 on easy for anyone curious, forest tile set) and I’m wondering about this particular affix and whether it is functioning at all. I cannot tell the difference in pick up radius even when I take the robe off and get as close as I can to an item without picking it up then equip the robe I still am not picking up the item. Is this correct? For what it’s worth the value is 4.7. 4.7 what I don’t know. Percent? Meters? Nothing that I can find explains what the measurement is and I just want to know if it is functioning as intended in which case I can drop it as useless or if it’s bugged and I need to wait for the fix.

Also; I used a class change Crystal to change it into warrior gear. Wanted to make sure I mentioned that in case it’s relevant. I also changed the element on it prior to changing the class and added a fortune stone in one of the two sockets that came with it; removed the other socket and added an epic +mp affix. The runestone was added prior to any other change and the removal of the second socket and addition of the new affix was the most recent change.

Also; not sure if this is the correct location for this; I don’t think its a specifically ios related issue so I didn’t put it in there. Maybe I’ll get on LINE and ask about it there.

I believe the measurment is in yards, not that that really makes a difference.

4.7 might not be easily noticeable, I have just under 15 and I pick stuff up before I can see it almost.

Apparently it was only bugged on the level I changed the class on. Now that I moved to the next level it’s definitely working. Pickup radius is easily twice original radius. At least near as I can tell.