Legendary Item Trophy Case

I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. This is probably the single longest thing I’ve ever typed on a touch screen, and I apologize for the fact that this basically turned into an essay. For anyone who chooses not to read all of it - I totally understand and no offense taken.
At this point I think I’ve found 111 of the 136 (or 138 depending on which codex screen I look at) legendary items, and between my 2 characters a little over 400 legends in total. Compared to a lot of you this isn’t all that many, but it’s still significantly more than I have room to store. If I wanted to keep one of each legend I’ve found, it would take all 4 pages of my shared storage and most of each character’s individual storage. With new legends being released, a 3rd class on the way, and now multiple pets to collect for each class it’s just getting worse. Add to that the page or so of “in progress” enchantments and there just isn’t enough room for the amount of loot in this game.
While I realize that most of the time the legendary items and sets aren’t the best pieces I could be equipping (whether or not they should be is a discussion for another time), I would really like to have some sort of storage or trophy case to keep one of each of them in, both as trophies for the sense of accomplishment but also because some of the sets and unique talents look like they would be a lot of fun to pull out and experiment with from time to time.
Even with 4 bags per character and 4 pages of shared storage, I still find myself running out of space and having to sell things I don’t really want to simply because I have to have room for farming drops. I would really love to see some kind of separate inventory (possibly attached to the Legendex?) with a slot for one of each legendary item so I could both see what I’ve collected and ideally be able to swap them in and out as I find ones with better stats and/or talents or decide to pull them out and equip them.
I think it would be cool if there was a tab or page for each class and a designated slot for each legend so the sets stayed organized and we could see which pieces we were missing. Theoretically it could be updated as new legends were released, and obviously the rogue would get it’s own page whenever that update happens.
I thoroughly enjoy the copious volume of drops in dungeons, and the sheer number of different types of items… but it would be really nice to not have to stop and sell quite so often per floor. If I wasn’t hoarding “super cool but not as good as I can craft” legends in my bags I could go a lot longer between inventory purges, and maybe hold onto a few more of those things I only sell because I need more room. To those of you who took the time to read this - thanks - and please tell me what you think and how/if this could reasonably be implemented.

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I can definitely see the want for something like this, but there likely won’t be anything like this anytime soon.

Like you said, with the rogue coming, there will be about 70 new unique items to store, so about 210 total legends to collect. To store that many items on the database would not be trivial. We already store a lot now, and our inventory database is by far our biggest. To add 200+ per account would be a lot just for a trophy case.

Also, we do track for you when something is collected, so if you truly dont need it anymore, you shouldn’t be afraid to sell that item :smile: Perhaps if we had some way to further improve Legends or break down unusable Legend items to something more useful, there would be less extra Legends simply sitting in your bag being useless?

Also, we plan on adding new character slots at some point, so you could possibly “mule” to other characters, if you really needed to keep some of your extra goodies ( which is what we’d rather use some of that extra database room for, for now ).

I totally understand where you’re coming from on the cost vs utility argument and I think it’s completely valid (you’re a business and businesses have to stay profitable). I can tell you that I personally would happily fork over a few bucks for more shared storage, especially if it was somehow sortable/searchable, and I imagine more than a few others would as well. Mule characters would work for that as well, but there would need to be some type of mail/trading system in place outside of just the shared storage or I could see it turning into a pretty big headache.

And while I know the game does track legends found, a check mark on a list isn’t quite the same for me as actually possessing a (virtually) tangible item. Plus I can’t pull a check mark out and equip it for giggles. The disenchanting idea, however, is extremely intriguing, and I can’t wait to hear more about where that’s heading. Just need Deckard Cain to pop up with a Horadric Cube and I really will feel like I’m walking around with D2 in my pocket :smile:
Thanks for the reply Steiger.

Edit- forgot to respond to the legend improvement/customization part of your post - but please God yes!! They’re definitely my favorite type of drop, but I would really like to see them transition into being viable top tier equipment… which is what I’m assuming they originally were and were intended to be.

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