Legendary Pets. even FBI cant find them

Hi. I’m playing this game since a long. Almost on floor 300 (maps), but couldn’t seen a legendary pet…
Where’s my mistake or where should I find them.

Just finish the Kill Enslaver Feat, if you cleared the Enslavers along all 300 maps, you should’ve at least gotten one right now.


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I do the feat too. but usually on the way doing feat i still get it via random drop lol

Exactly, there was one time that I finished Enslaver Feat and the default enslaver pet drop was a Legendary too, so 2 Legendary pets at once. Lol.


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While doing the enslaver pet feat, I got 2 legendary pets (and one from the feat itself). Also, did you know that there are eternal pets? Good luck finding those :stuck_out_tongue:

200 enslave kill for achievement = a legend pet drop. If you notice enslave doesn’t show up on every map. I grind over 1k maps and no eternal pet/map drop.

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Got 6 legend pets atm. 1 from the feat and the others are from drops ( after you kill the enslaver ). I don’t know how I got lucky with it. Maybe the maxed luck and eternalized set affix made it work. I also got 1 eternal map but unfortunately, I was too dumb and used it. It was too late that I was able to read that there will be an update with those maps on 2.1. :disappointed:

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Start saving up :smile:
I haven’t even touch on an eternal map drop, so frustrating lol.

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Will probably do. I got it from the map feat iirc. Saving legend maps too.
What’s the proposed update on those actually?

2.1 make mythic 3 more worth to play in. and that map is mythic 3 difficulty floor 700+ all map lagend affix buff will go beyond cap as steiger said. so basicly i want to use ir at the best time. 2.1 patch + iap packsize + eternal map = :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Quote from cronos

Oh so, those +luck, gf, item drops will go beyond cap? This is it! More crystals/mythstones, can finally craft different builds.

the affix from legend map goes beyond cap is by now. i mean it goes beyond cap in 2.0 or even before this patch. IF that is what steiger mean when i ask him lol. the only reason i postpone using my eternal map is because i wait for 2.1 revamp the reward for difficulty

Once I use all my map I’ll be stacking.

Thanks, but Got fairy lol!!!
Needed hound…

Screenshot of their affix??

Got 6 legendary pets out of 15 already. It takes a while but its worth it.

I still have yet to reach lvl 99 for my char. An My max lvl is on my wiz is around 86 An floor is only 125. I was playing as my war on floor 82 I think an I happen to get a goblin or what ever he is named jester. Which is my first legend. Pet.