Someone knows how to get last item in légendex “???”

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Nope, played floor 2000 m3 all last night, tried focusing just red enemies for a while but… nothing.

Supposed to be floor 1000 m3, im guessing from ‘powerful enemies’ like ragnarok, but idk

Do u have name of the new set?

err there are four i believe, two on warrior, one on each of the rogue and wizard,
ones that i know of are marauder (warrior), mythitech (wizard) and shadows (rogue)
i cant tell you what they do however as it supposed to be a mystery?

Thanks you
These are the background objects with “???”


do you think it’s possible to get them with chests?

Probably not, I’ve been trying to get then for quite a good few hours now, as i say im guessing they’re ‘from power enemies’ like the ragnarok is

Definitely … No official info on the floor? Some speak of 1000+ of others 2000

Definitely floor 1000, i dont know about the rest, i was just doing it to be sure lol

Lol OK thank you so much