Legends per Map

I have been doing everything that will make me, at least, reach 20 legends per map. I am starting to be fraustrated, i’ve tried everything that I knew like 8 epiphany with overlapping luck and item drops, both main and hireling but still just 9 to 14 while others ramp up to 30+ legends. Can anyone give me a piece of advice.

what you difficult level? You should try mythic 3.

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Sad to say It’s mythic 3 with complete perks.

You don’t need all perks. But fortunate, accomplished and treasured are valuable with an hunter ring and eternalized, christaline, nadroji and mythic sets . Ifs it’s volume of legends drops then speed runs on legend 200 plus are easy. If it’s specific legends you want then grind away on mythic 3

There is no exact method/strategy on finding volumes of legend items per floor unlike on crystalline and eternal items. U just need to max item droprate% and also luck% while running packsizes maps. 30+ legends per floor sounds impossible to me imo :scream:. Maybe try using imp???

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I agree @slimycucumber. Imp is a must!! Put your drop pick option at epic too

Most legends I’ve gotten is about 10 on a floor

Over 9000! Jk , I actually get like 2 bags full on one character and a bag full on another before in floor 200 or so.

and eternals per map? Most difficult right… :grin:

woah!!! does that mean, you are able to loot around 60 per map? I have been trying to reach you in the LF but I just get stuck in third.

Not every time but up to. I do get a ton of legends though per map. 1012% luck, hurling and 350% item drops is huge after all.
Well up tp20 or higher in one map. Maybe even 30-35 . It depends on pack size on maps also or if I used a boost like Luck Boost or Monster boost on a legend/eternal map.

Thanks i have 1045 luck and 355 drop rate but still cant even reach 20 legends per map. Maraming salamat for entertaining my query.

Hahaha kaya namn 20/map konting kembot lang sa hireling

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Even if your overlapping your luck, items drop, pack size. Map M3, Boost Rarity etc. There is one recipe you are missing…

please tell me. is it Nadroji bonus? please, I am desperate.

Hunter ring ?

Hunter ring with nadroji bonus ?

i just truly believe that it won’t be necessary anymore due to the reason that hunter perk is already present and as it says, it won’t stack up. right? please correct me if I am wrong. If anyone could share their knowledge on how to at least achieve 20+ legends per map. I owe you big time.

the most I have ever gotten was 14? that is with 850% luck, all Perks, on M3 difficulty, with 100% drop rate. I think if I had 850% luck, Nadroji bonus, 200% drop rate, Treasured, Fortunate, and Accomplished Perks, with Nadroji Set, and an Imp set on picking up Legend+, while on a Legend map, I could see getting over 20 Legends a map. with Epiphany Set, I could see getting 15-20 Legends on any map, maybe, with 20-30 Legends on a Legend or Eternal map, maybe. the problem is the randomness of even getting a Legend to drop in the first place. if someone was blessed by RNG, and the Imp was very busy, and you got all the Feats that give Legends as rewards, and you got a Legend monster and Legend Enslaver, and the Mythic monster, all on the same map, I could see getting 30+ Legends, maybe.
Edit: and yes, you are right @ekimnaj080, Hunter ring and Hunter Perk do not stack. also, don’t worry so much about getting 20+ Legends per map. focus on making a good Farming build first. my Third Farm Build is what I am using to get the loot I need to make Golems Ultimate Farming Build, and I am learning a lot about what is important in a farming build, at least, the one that I want to make. it isn’t until you have a farm build to work with and study, that you will have ideas to tweak or remake your farm build to be Ekimnaj080’s Legendary Farm Build that every one will want to copy to get lots of Legends with.


wow, thank you so much. I can not say any better.