Lets give name to your build!


Dq is great game and its very sad that your mine prioritys are looting and crafting. Lets show your build and give a name for it !!!. Like d2…

This is my firts post. I am not loving well spell sword builds, but my strongest builds are spell sword. This is pure warrior. Time to collect was incredible :smile:


Special: high twister proc and storm proc, high critical, cataclysm, bleeding, ignore resist, poison damage, speed

Element: poison, ice

cllick at this thread viewtopic.php?t=1270
they already put up what you started. :wink:

Hi pridimik. :smile: pinoy??
Tol pa help naman oh! :confused:

Hina pre. Wag mo na iparada. Peace yow :smile:

maybe that’s why he didn’t post it on the thread i linked to him…