LETS PLAY A GAME -How Many Crystal Did You Have?

just for fun only :blush: hope you will participate




i need to farm hard :sob::sob: i want crystal like that .

@Griffin hehe yeah, one day I’ll be aiming for that too :grin: just too many build ideas, I keep “loosing” crystals in trying stuff out^^

Not that hard, Nadroji/Epiphany/Eternalized/a lot of Luck and go converting Eternal and Crystal Items.

thats my source converting eternal item to ultra rare crystal. its hard to loot ultra rare ctystal.i thinks once in every blue moon obsidian will drop from mobs :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I find lot’s of Obsidian above floor 600 :wink: ofc you’ll need to get there first :smiley:

the rarity of the crystal loot is on 500 floor only. every floor its increase until 500 floor. correct me if im wrong

yeah but floor 600 enables lot’s of good legends :wink:

Well I already lost lol. I always bankrupt on crystals and gold because I always try to build but if I actually tried, I could get high enough crystal.

May I join hahhaa

Im in floor 800+ cant find a single obsidian :sob::sob::sweat::sweat::sweat: