Level200 floor finish

I just finished 200flr mythic 3. Whats next? Or is there a 201-300 floor?

when you get a challenge map from a Cartographer, it will give you a map for floor 201, if you are on floor 200, or buy a challenge map from the shop, it will be floor 200 challenge map. when you defeat the Cartographer in that map, it will drop a map for floor 201.

Oh i see. So 201 floor is the last level?

no, floors are infinite. every Cartographer you defeat drops a map for a higher floor. there are Legend and Eternal items that can only be found on higher floors, up to floor 1,000. the higher the floor, the tougher the monsters get. if you are getting experience for the first time, or are planning to get all the Perks, which requires a LOT of experience, the experience you get from monsters stops increasing at floor 100, so most people farm for experience around floors 100-110.

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I see, thanks for those infos sir :))

no problem. I had to figure out how to get past floor 200 too, and I think it was a post in the Forums that helped me. I was so confused!

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