Leveling and Maps

I have a few questions:

  1. Should I use challenger maps to level or normal maps?
  2. Whats the best level and floor level to use challenger maps?


  1. For me just use a normal map

  2. Spam floor 180-200

Whats the drop/exp rate for normal maps?

IMO focus on 1 thing, level up your character at max 1st then, start grinding at floors for me best floor to grind is at floor 181-200.
For leveling up those items that have exp gain can help and ms stone also can help (quest I think? Can’t remember)
For grinding items,
If you can then you have to max your
Gold find(650)
Item drops(200)
This can help too
And mythical or mythology? Can’t remember , but I’m sure fable gears have that set affix.

In grinding floors 181-200 is it just normal maps? And should I just use challenger maps on 200 above?

Yes because normal map only have 200 floor so you need challenge map to go higher

I grind at 181-200 normal floor for specific environment, I just spam that floors

Gold find(650)
Item drops(200)
are these max stats including map bonuses?