Leveling Extremely Fast - Gameplay

I want just to share my level up set. I’ve used it to jump from third perk to sixth in about a week, but I still hadn’t tested it on a non-perked char. Since I got broke and I hadn’t else to do, I decided make this gameplay with a wiz at level 1 reaching level 69 in just five minutes.

This also shows how Crushing Flames is somewhat OP on PVE and makes DMG increasing pointless.



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Leveling 1-50 in Eternal Ascend will be pretty hard than you thought bro but on your 1st Ascend, It will be piece of Cake :cake:

Easy at first ascensions indeed but as you progress higher ascensions it will become harder to level up 1-50 as for my experience.

But really awesome leveling up strategy! I love it!

How do you get those mythic gears at lv one how

Hes got other characters lmao that he played for a while now… You can share your money and stash to all characters. Thats how he did it.

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I use frozen build still. Also I would increase damage somewhat so after enough crushes, you have enough leftover damage to finish off enemies after the crushing blow is at a point where it’s not effective but then against crushing flames is far more powerful than crushing blow alone so that probably no longer applies as much.

However I’ve heard people having trouble against certain enemies even with crushing flames and damage + high weaken . It doesn’t even have to be enemy heal as well .

When you’re at level x and buy something from codex, you will get a item with level x + 1. You can do this cause gold and dust are account shared. Getting mythic is just a question of using 4 zircon and putting mythstones on them.

I always avoid enemy heal on maps affixes, as become impossible to kill enemies with high rarity.

This build can be on all class ayt?

Can be used on all class*

Sure, this is the same set I’ve used on my rogue. On warrior I would choose Horn as OH because sprint, but all damage comes from Orb High Hit Frequency + Crushing Flames, which can be used by any class.

Yes sir. Ty

Ican tweak some set affix on it ayt? Like for warrior class?

You can remove reactor set affix and some MS affixes.

Yep. Crushing blow is just too good! Farm build or otherwise , it’s just that good.

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It’s more about crushing flames than exclusively blow, cause 300% CF ensures a OHKO on normal monsters, what is pretty valuable for exp-farm only!

Yep .

I’ve always went into a 200 map w packsize using a dps toon, n ascended the hireling. Get to 50 in one map just so I can equip my main set, but seems like that build is worthy If you want real fast leveling n perking up, nice one!