LF help with richochet frost build

Hey all as title says I’m trying to put together a frozen richochet build.I am fairly new to the game but I’m looking to do high damage and survive with stealth I will share my ideas for item stats and would love help with what to add or remove!

Set affix
Looking for recommendations on the last two was thinking masochist and defiant

Mythic affix

Crystal affix
-x2 crit damage
-crushing blow
-deadly strike
-attack speed
-cd reduction

Legend affix
-%ice damage
-300% frostbiting

  • +4 multistrike
    -ignore resist
    -glass cannon

Not 100% sure on the best way to spend hero points also would like any advice to make the build better also is there specific items I will need?

Is your build pve or pvp ? Answer that and you well get advice

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@Garrett try to add Extra Attack Chance to increase your MH Dmg. :+1:

Permafrost hat with harmony. Equality ring with blood magic mythic. Druid amulet.

@dickwad whats the purpose of druid amulet? Heheheh just curious, my rogue doesn’t had a good build so this might help. :slight_smile:

Druidic and permafrost bonuses regen p and mp. Bloodmagic converts all resource into hp. All regen therefore goes to hp minus enough mp needed to cast your next spell.

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Oh and consider an equality item. The more hp you have than mp the more damage you do

And think about 1 or 2 storm legend procs.

in PVE, high HP is not neccessary or need… 1 HP is enough with sanctuary… and if you use fury mythic, you don’t need, MP regen…

use epiphany with bonus in helm, ant 75% attack spd… and skilled mythic in chest…

@dickwad try Harmony+Permafrost Bonus. no need Druidic and HP Regen. :eyes:

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Lol @kiane_zaine your comments have appeared as im working on the same idea. But i havent got a build at the moment. Im just thinking

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@dickwad just dont use the Forbidden SET if you use that. or else it wouldn’t work. :joy:

What is the forbidden set @kiane_zaine :confused:?

@dickwad if you use that setup, Harmony+Permafrost. do not use Vamp Touch. :slight_smile:


@kiane_zaine is right…

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My “Strawberry Fields” character uses that set up. No vampiric touch. Does have druidic (which i will try without… perhaps a nice eternal amulet). Uses scalp, richochet, whirling blades, traps, storm procs, apocalypse, nova and overload. I can make her better :slight_smile:


@dickwad. right! :thumbsup: so it works without druidic, yes?

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