LF/MF/IF in 2.1?

I’m trying to farm new legend set in floor 500+ mythic 3
But I dont see any information in 2.1 patch notes about loot
So i want to ask what should i go farming with: (for example)

  1. Farming with no follower (200% Items Find)
  2. Farming with follower (200% IF [main] + 200% IF [follower] = 400% IF)
    Which is better ?
    Srry for my terrible english :smile:

That’s not quite how it works - when you have a follower the drop-related values are averaged. For Gold Find and Luck, the formula is roughly min(650, (Main + Follower) / 2 + DifficultyBonus), meaning average your main and follower values, add the bonus from difficulty, and cap it at 650.

Item Find is similar, but it caps at 200 and has a bonus of 100% if you have a follower. Its formula is roughly 100 + min(200, (Main + Follower) / 2).

The best way is to have a follower and cap all three values.

More one question
Crysline and Eternalized only work for main char, right ?