Lightning fx causing crash

Hope this is the proper place to post this. Sincere apologies otherwise.

The lightning effect seems to be crashing the game on my iPhone 4S. Even in low graphics mode, it happens every time. Sometimes you can see the game noticeably slow down prior to crash. It occurs regardless of the lightning source (barrel trap, spellcaster, giant boss worm thing).

Let me know if you require any further information or if I can do anything more to help. Thanks for your time.

Does the crash kill the app or does it seem to just hang indefinitely? Some assets stream in while you play and for whatever reason they might be taking forever on 4s.

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Yeah . The tornado lightning fx from barrels make the game crash ( automatic close of app )Especially on stage 7 to 10 where many lighning tornado spawns. Cant even touch boss on act 2 the giant worm because of too many lightning tornado spawn -_-

Right. What Isnabero said. That slow tornado lightning causes game to crash back to iOS desktop. Even a single one of these things can kill the game. If you’re not touching the screen and no enemies are about, you might catch everything going choppy first. Barrels, enemy spellcasters, anything throwing that effect is almost certain to cause it.

I, too, cannot reach Floor 31 or beyond due to the boss after Floor 30 (the lightning elemental mega worm thing). I just putter around in the 20’s levelling up, farming red loot. It’s getting lonely. The imp is a poor conversationalist.

Do you have a DQ Account? I can skip you past that level so you can continue to play.

Yes, I do have an account. Is this the point where you ask for my credit card number? :wink:

HAHA :smile: no!

No CC is needed. Just send me in a PM your email address that you used to create your account. I will pull it down and skip your character a few floors past that guy!

We have addressed this on our end (changed the effect) and it will be addressed in the next patch.