Limit of Being Frozen


As what the title said.
I’ve observed that there is a limitation in terms of numbers of being frozen in PVP arena…
I’ve tried and tested it many times.
It always goes around 3-4 times of being frozen.
Never done it 5 times.
By the way I’m using Mythic Nova and Some Legend elem.Crit…

Please give your opinion to this…
Thanks in Advance


for Elemental Crits, the target builds up an immunity, so it gets harder to Elemental Crit a target multiple times, until they become immune. I think I was told that the chance to Elemental Crit gets halved each time a target gets hit with EC more than once. 4 or 5 times is the most I have ever gotten with EC in PVP or PVE.


I see, so that is the reason. thanks for this info pal…