Link for higher reward between arena matches isn't working

The link between matches for getting a better chest reward isn’t working since yesterday, I can click it but it doesn’t do anything anymore :confused:

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Are you referring to the “boost” button?

I will double check this on my end, thank you for the heads up!

No, the popup/link to watch a video in the bottom left. It worked fine last night and hasn’t since this morning

Hmmm ok!

Can you try:
Restarting your device (this will clear device memory and cache)
If you are playing on a device that can support cellular can you try the cellular connection?

I will test on my end as well.

I can’t text cellular, but I restarted and reinstalled but it’s still not working

It works now, thank you :slight_smile:

Only in campaign mode now though, still not working in arena

Ok thanks for the update! What type of device are you using? Android or Apple?