List: Gear by Floor & Difficulty

Made this list on notepad some time ago to help with farming. Found this easier to use than scrolling through Legendex to figure out what floor or difficulty is needed for certain gear to drop. Not all gear is listed, it’s more focused on rare legends. Hope others find this helpful.

Floor Specific Drops:
(PE= Powerful Enemy, aka Epic+)

Floor 100
Athenas guard shield (Rage)
Thanatos armor
Oblivion helmet
Rosenzi ring

Floor 100 PE
(All Classes)
Nadrogi Crystal Amulet
Stone of Nadrogi Ring

Vacuus Scipio Bow (Maelstrom)
Maelstrom Slicer blade
Ragnarok Boomerang (Defiant)

Frozen fate axe
Maelstrom charger lance
Ragnarok hammer (Defiant)

Vacuus Scipio Staff (Maelstrom)
Maelstrom Slicer sword
Ragnarok sword (Defiant)

Floor 180
Azure blade (Spell Sword)
Azure battle gear
Azure helmet
Azure pendent

Floor 200, Legend Difficulty
Ghostly Daggers (Haunting)
Hood of Horror
Clasp of Terror ring
Frightening Choker amulet

Floor 200 PE
(All classes)
Pandemonium Armor (Maelstrom)
Havoc ring (Maelstrom)

Mutiny lance (Defiant)
Insolence hatchet (Defiant)

Mutiny Pistols (Defiant)
Insolence trap (Defiant)

Mutiny Gauntlet (Defiant)
Insolence skull (Defiant)

Floor 200 PE, Epic Difficulty
(All Classes)
Nadrogis robe
Nadrogis crown

Floor 250
(Rogue & Wizard)
Crimson blade (Battlemage)
Crimson battlegear
Crimson cover
Crimson pendant

(Rogue & Warrior)
Azure blade (Spell Sword)
Azure battle gear
Azure helmet
Azure pendant

Wrathful winter bomb (Frozen)
Anna’s bane leather
Winters visage helmet
Elsas revenge amulet

Scoundrels disloyalty wand
Scoundrels trick orb
Scoundrels garb robe
Scoundrels choker amulet

Floor 300
(All Classes)
Cataclysm (Mayhem)

Floor 300 M1 Difficulty
(All classes)
Masochist edge
Masochist helmet
Masochist ring
Masochist fetish amulet

Floor 350
(All classes)
Fabled blade/boomerang/staff (Mythical)
Unreal Hood (Mythical)

Floor 350 M3 Difficulty
(All classes)
Glinting Slicer blade/sword/hammer (crystalline)
Gemmed Crown (crystalline)
Immortal flintlock (Eternalized)
Immortal wand (Eternalized)
Immortal lance (Eternalized)
Boundless cap (Eternalized)

Miasma bomb (smoke screen)
Effluvium hat
Haze ring
Vapor amulet

Floor 400
Aether spark wand (Athereal drain)
Aether brace
Aether wrap robe
Aether cover helm

Floor 400 M3 Difficulty
Braincage skull (cerebral vortex)
Clairvoyance robe
Cognition Ring
Divination amulet

Floor 500 M1 Difficulty
Berserkers cleaver (berskerk)
Berserkers chopper
Berserkers rags
Berserkers sallet helmet

Floor 500 M3 Difficulty
Melodias hilt sword (7 Deadly Sins)
Bans Harvest
Harlequins comfort
Diane’s love
Gowthers insight
Escanors duality
Merlins Imp

Floor 600 Epic Difficulty
Hand of Epiphany gauntlet
Apex of Epiphany hat
Loop of Epiphany ring
Strand of Epiphany amulet

Floor 750
Chaos Visage hat (Mayhem)
Disaster carapace robe
Entropic jewel amulet

Floor 800 M3 Difficulty
Arcanist wand Arcanist
Arcanist garment
Arcanist hood
Arcanist band ring

Hunger bow
Hunger trap
Hunger vest
Hunger hood

Floor 1000 M3 Difficulty
(All classes)
Abiding ring (Eternalized)
Perpetual clasp amulet

Arcane blade (Elements)
Frozen shield
Molten armor
Earthen helm
Sky amulet


You can just download the LegendEx on excel and press CTRL + F.

Cool! @Skaul how do I do that with an iPad? Do you mean from wikia or from in-game Legendex?