List of all resource system?mythics and sets affixes

hi is there any links for a full list of resource systems that can’t be joined together i have been searching for it but can’t find one…hopefully someone helps me cause i kept crafting mythics that won’t work with each other and sometimes doesn’t work with set affixes…

so i hope someone could reply the full list of it and the ones who doesn’t work together i appreciate the help…

This patch not only are we making changes to Fury and Energy but will also include 4 more Resource changing Mythics. None of these Resource Mythics are bound to an item type. Meaning you can put them anywhere you want! (Please note that only 1 Resource Mythic will function at a time. All numbers are subject to change until release)

From( A nice read as well)

So you can’t have 2 resource mythic

Resource mythic
Also the Bloodmagic Set affix (Not a mythic but a resource system)

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thank you very much sir… so that means at the very least only 1 of those 6 is the one i can use in my set right???no other affix affected at all other than those 6 having no more than 1 at a time??

btw i just notice frostbiting or any elemental critical affixes capped was gone???cause before if i remember u can’t have them over 200% now can have it higher??

thanks for the reply BTW :smiley:

Yeah you can only have 1 resource mythic/set
Mana Absorb no longer works with Blood Magic

Yeah cap is gone.
Elemental Criticals ( such as Frostbiting ) no longer have a cap

woah it was actually gone during 1.8???guess that’s why i didn’t know cause right after the v1.8 patch my char becomes weak so i skipped playing during that time and didn’t read the patch note that is why i didn’t know about the resource system aswell hahahaha…

guess i’m somewhat you may call a veteran newbie player…

veteran since i played it while it still have a low version then stop and a lot of changes happened which make me somewhat feels like a new player with an old account hahahaha…

but CS/MS drop crazily now i get like more than 20 of them every run hahahaha unlike before you are lucky getting more than 5 per run although i missed the low cost convert/salvage before but i got a lot of gold stored just because its not that usable before hahahaha…

btw are they planning to put all sell button for legend etc. items kinda annoying selling them 1 by 1 since they are not part when you do sell all…i like the lock item feature before which u just lock items you need then sell all the rest :3

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