List of not compatible affix?

Guys does anyone have a list of bad, not compatible affix list?

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there might be too many combinations that don’t work well together, just like there are so many combinations that do work together.

the problem is that some are obvious and others you don’t realize are bad combinations until you try them.

some of the really big not compatible combinations have been posted, like the Weaken/Effective/Ignore Resist Thread.

I do used weaken + effective combination. . Is it not compatible?:thinking:

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They do work together, but when it comes to monsters with resistances to elements, Effective takes a huge hit in it’s ability to do damage compared to Weaken. usually only Epic+ monsters have enough affixes to make Effective less useful, and they don’t happen very often. on +monster affix maps, lower tier monsters have a better chance to be Greatly Resist to the element Effective to it.

usually a monster needs the Greatly Resist Element of the Element that is Effective against it to lower the damage from Effective significantly. like a Poison monster on a Poison Map that is Greatly Resistant to Shock. +25% dmg from Effective, -75% from Greatly Resist Shock, and the Weaken % is added on after you figure out the other stuff.

(1 x 1.25 x 0.25) + 1.2 (+120% Weaken) = .3125 + 1.2 = 1.5125 x your damage. without the Greatly Resist of the Effective Element, it is 1.25 +1.2 = 2.45 x your damage.