Little help here please

Okey so heres were i need help i have next to little survivability
not sure wether or not to add in a 1%hp leech or what any suggestions. i know i can take the Frozen immune off for that stat. just need some imput.

currently how much hp u have.? how much mp u have.? what your main source of damage.? blight.? comet?

You may want crystal/epic leech.

32k HP and i have blood magic on so no MP.but i can respec my points into HP and end up with 63-65k hp but my main damage dealer is comet…also a nice jump in dmage i didnt think of untill now is skilled for the chest. guna have to farm some mats to make a new chest with it on there

Also did u mean Life on hit? or Crystal leech? cause i cant for the life of me find the hp Leech dont really wana use up all my obsidian trying to chase a stat that i cant get via crystals

read the patch notes… nvm on the hp leech. Life per hit it is. think it would be alright sustain with just 1000 LoH(life on hit) and the 1% hp leech?
or just bring my LoH to 2000? i have a wand with insane attack speed and multiple bolts i would get 2k p from each bolt?

Just invest on how much HP on hit you actually need to break even. Do not overspend your affixes on such things.

Change blood magic on your OH to spell sword. need to jasper your oh to another class to get tho. it wont effect your main source of damage since it change skill comet and meteor. at rank 5 increase mp by 100% and resist/armor (between those two, not remember lol).

remove toxic change to +5000mp

Hat talent change to wizardly (chance for element crit) for support removed toxic affix on robe and on cap. remove your MS from that socket. delete all 3 epic affix. put another 3 socket and make equivalent mythic skill. get set affix cosmic power, and get +5000mp +5000 ED.

Necklace sacrifice your lagend affix element crit chance and replace to equality set affix…

hero point 204 on Mana 100 on Power 5 Health.

this change will support in reducing damage u received. also reduce your mp usage. and some more like regen. and your hp and mp are equal thanks to equivalent mythic skill. so stacking alot mp for increase effect from cosmic power and spell sword, it will effect your max HP/MP.

Dont just make lol. ask veteran advice first.

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Thanks for the feedback! i got some rolling todo

what floor are you using this set? you’re climbing I guess.
Dodge/block are nice when you are climbing.

getting into floors 700+ not much i can do though the damage at that level is just so high that havig the extra hp isnt realy worth it i get my sanc proc’d and 2-3 secounds later il die via posion dots/fire dots… but for the most part the build is just strait wrecking floors takes mabe 10mins for a full clear… aint bad