Little Help?

I used to play this game a lot many months ago on my ipad and recently had an accident and my ipad was destroyed. Well I was looking for games for my new android phone and remembered this game. Have started playing again and am leveling up again from scratch since I couldn’t upload from my ipad. I want to do it efficiently. I used to use wizard as my main and will probably be using him again. A LOT has changed tho, my question I am proposing now is a hireling, I had a warrior as my hire before and basically just pumped all health on him and as much max luck/gold/survivability on him as possible, mainly to just help me get items. Is that possible now? Would warrior still be the best addition to the Wizard? How does the calculation for xp gain/luck etc go with having 2 characters compared to 1?

Any help is appreciated.


I think xp gain is 50/50. Especially if they have same levels.
Pump health points to warrior and mana points to your wiz.

Can it hurt me by having a hireling? I read somewhere that it takes your luck/gold find and splits it, so if I have 100% on the wizard and 0% on the warrior, then it cuts it to 50%? So that would in fact, be worse?

thanks for the help,


You are correct that GF/Luck is averaged.

If you want a hireling, may a suggest another Wizard. I brought the benefits up of playing same class setups a while back in another thread. First, when you have a hired character the items that drop are for those characters only. So if you have another Wizard following you around, everything is gonna be for you! No chance of finally getting a hard to find legend drop and its for a different class. Second, all your gear that you find upgrades for can be turned into hand me downs for your buddy, instead of just turning into gold. Just some food for thought. :smile:

I did that with Destiny and loved it. I deleted my warrior and made a 2nd wizard. Love it so far, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who tho lol. I would have done this from the start if I knew legends only drop for your character haha.

Any advice on which weapon types work best for the AI? Trying to decide on what talent build I should use for him…I have 20 into luck/gold right now, and some into health/mana, but now that I’ve gotten him 2% leech that doesn’t matter as much. So any advice on how to setup a hireling wizard would be great!


Hirelings tend to rush ahead of you so go for a tanky kind of build for them, and if you can mix that up with some kind of AoE build.
If your hireling is going to pull a large pack of mobs make sure he can handle it, especially on higher levels :wink:

I knew they rushed in heh. I am looking more for which primary and offhand wizard weapons they use well. I know for the tome, they don’t seem to cast the 2nd spirit ever, the skulls they seem to do ok with, and the orbs don’t seem to help them a lot either.

He does well with mana shield, keeps it active most of the time. You can’t use it with Blood Magic though.

Yeah Blood Magic is the set item I am looking to try and get asap for both characters, but haven’t had any luck yet.

In contrary to same-class hirelings, using different classes gives vesatality and strengthens strategy.

Wizard - Elemental Stor-Master
Warrior - High Health Tank, CB helps a little
Rogue - Versatile Attacker with wondrous dmg

So, for instance, Rogue + Warrior works well (especially when u pkay rogue as ai sucks, no offense to devs) because the warrior tanks dmg while rogue outputs a lot damage. Its evemn more effective if rogue has veil and warrior has some CB to get through high hp bosses and what not.

As for rare-drop being wrong class - Thats no longer a problem with the ability to change an item’s class.

I currently have a warrior main, wiz hireling. Warrior equipped with cyclone, pulls everything in(from off-screen), wiz blasts and storms the pack. Pretty effective. My old hireling was pistol/trap rogue, still fun.

Play what makes you happy. And keep gf/luck on both toons, so you don’t take a hit.