Living force on my rogue, should it work?

i used an Amethyst last night and got living force on my ring equipped to my rogue, it doesnt seem to be working. will living force not work if im using projectiles myself? im really confused

All projectiles are pulled back to caster for 50% per rank DMG on return,

it should be working, what skill your using?

It works with chakram. wont work if you’re using a bow

i figured it was just my luck that im not able to use it. stationary bow users with high damage output are about as annoying to fight as supertank warriors. i figured living force would be perfect, what a waste of an amethyst -_-

its not a waste, u got experience, a knowledge where u now know what work and what not. lol.



^^ experience is the best teacher, but are we students?

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No. We’re gamers. Gamers are elite.

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that’s why i’m asking haha :slight_smile: agreed