Load account!


Why I can not load my account!!??

Because your device data is more recent than your server data :smile:

The primary reason for the server switch to a sync system was to address our server congestion. We are trying to balance out traffic on our server to 1) avoid a very costly server upgrade 2) allow more users to consistently have access to their save data without tons of “cannot connect” errors. While this is move to a sync system is helping we still have work to do on the process. With upcoming features that will require even more bandwidth we need to squeeze as much performance out of what we have as we can.

If people couldn’t access to their save data with the error “cannot connect” it was mainly because some people were exploiting too much, so the data transfers between client/servers were DDoS’ing the server, so the “cheaters” were avoiding normal players to use their sync :smile:

the exploit still exists, found out on accident.

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