Lockon Feedback in Battle Arena

So I am trying a new build with my rouge. So feedback/comment away. Thanks for your help :smile:

Yes you took out your warrior _☺

haha. Good luck on hiking the ratings :smile:

Can’t hike with pvm build its to hard. Just trying to keep myself inside the 100s

what ? nooo…
why is your warrior running awaay :cry:

on topic:
I hope it’s not another “eternal obsidian dagger” build again though :joy:

My warrior is just relaxing for a bit xD
It’s a eternal obsidian dagger build though to save up on resources for the dag. But not the typical build.
I might make another dagger build without obsidian dagger to change things up lol. I need to farm though xD.

Fought him once, i won with the score of 3-1. Forgot to PS rofl gonna try again later.

Noticed the big amount of hp leech so I casted scalp then charge away! :stuck_out_tongue: im using my new warrior.

Thanks man. Appreciated ^^

Ima go pm you so I can give you a more “flip” feedback. Lol.


just tell un here lol. i haven’t go to arena looking thing yet, so any infos actually can be used against him lol

Well, we’re from the same country, I wanted to tell him in our native language so it would be easier, but sure, I can give the basic feedback here, and just ask if he needs a more in-depth explanation.

Basically from what I’ve experienced, I’ve never lost to it using LOHKO, just a few rounds, I just Walk Forward a Bit>Coat>Timewarp>Shoot>Run Away, and then I win after 2-4 seconds. I timed poorly once and I saw the damage, I have 11k hp and it triggered my Sanc in just one hit, then killed me with a Bleed Proc. So the damage is fine.

In terms of killing LOHKO builds, I’d say it’s the 3rd most efficient dagger build among everyone I’ve faced. First is obviously Aphrodite, that toon has an insane Blink distance and if it sees you before you shoot, YOU’RE DEAD and the timing of it’s Stealth is OP as f**k, Lol…

Second is Kawfaitek, slightly less responsive than Aphrodite, and weirdly, I have to adjust the angle of my shot a little to kill him, no clue why, his toon runs a bit from the right, unlike most dagger builds.

Third is Lockon (Tied with Berry’s Violet, mostly cause of the same reasons), the hole in your build I think, lies with your settings, it blinkstrikes a little bit slower than the first 2 I mentions, making it very vulnerable to a LOHKO shot and run method, specially when you blinkstrike to my timewarp, I had the time to shoot a second shot before you could get out. Unlike the Aphro and Kaw that blinks in and immediately blinks out, not giving me time to get a 2nd shot if they Stealth’ed the first shot.

Hope you guys understand my blabber. Lol.
@Emman Read this thoroughly, you must. Bring balance to the force, it will.


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Lies in Setting lol hehe. no secret in setting tho. but i guess it should be secret coz if i use lohko visiting arena. i might have trouble dealing with such thing lol

Yeah, don’t reveal your settings, I’m sure it was your settings that was OP. Though I must ask, since I don’t have a dagger rogue myself (Et. Obsidian Daggers won’t friggin drop). Is there anything that could extend Blinkstrike’s range?


No, i dont think blinkstrike range can be increase using any affix. i think i know what make my rogue can move that fast in term of blink, it use lightning flash jutsu i guess. lol.

You’re an Uchiha, that’s cheating. Maybe I should make a dagger rogue for Arena Defense as well. Lol, LOHKO isn’t really good for defense.

Oh and update though, I think Berry changed her settings a bit, she’s a little more responsive now, but still not at Aphrodite-level. Lol

Wonder where @Emman is. :confused:

Aphrodite overrated. she not that strong actually, compared to other rogue. she only have around 11k hp. it too thin. screeched and she dead. i see some other player also said that she can suddenly blink right infront their toon lol… but that actually can be caunter mean. Aphrodite exposed to great danger. especially when she dont have blind immune lol.

Well, I never said she’s the strongest, I only said the strongest counter to LOHKO that I’ve faced, maybe I haven’t fought the stronger ones yet, or with other builds. I only have 2 PvP builds atm, and Aphrodite counters both of them, the wizard I were building was supposed to counter blinkers a bit, but like I said in another topic, I have to redo him. Lol.


lol. hope u can get the best blink strike counter. share when u found it lol

Sure, of course. I’ll tell you and a few others if I can find it. Lol.


Well that was weird, I didn’t get Connection Failed or Match ID, but my streak reset to 1. Lol. Sad.