Log in problem

…Hi guys…
Can you plssss help… eventhough I activated my account but still I can’t log in the Game…


Send me a DM with your email address and I will have a look on my end.

Here my email address

there is no account on our end that has been created using that email address.

Start Dungeon Quest
Press the DQ Account button on the main menu
In the “EMAIL Address Box” can you tell me what email address is listed in that box? I could be that it is misspelled in that box and that is why I don’t have a reference to it on my end.

Heres my email address

This is the correct one not the I send earlier

What email address. It is mine or yours

YES!!! The one you listed in the box is correct.

This account is showing as active on my end.

But when I log in the forum I used small “j” not a capital “j”
Let me try again the game

Thanks I already login in the game…