Logged in today with zero gold?

I bought an additional character slot last night when i was done playing. I woke up today to find that i have exactly ‘zero’ gold. I had somewhere around 100k gold, maybe more i can’t remember exactly. What made it really suspicious, was the very first 2 ads i saw had to do with gold purchases. Coincidence? I am not buying anything else after this.

We’d never take away your gold on purpose, that’d be silly and would only hurt us and the player!

If you can, please contact support@shinyboxgames.com and supply us with your DQ Account email, we can verify your purchase and get you your gold back, plus a bit more for the trouble.

Also, if you could possibly list out everything you remember happening ( like Account uploads / downloads, swapping characters, etc ) it would help us track down what could have happened. Thank you!

Thank you for the response. Last night I ordered an additional character slot. That is the only thing i did differently out of the normal. I woke up and was going to enchant a couple pieces of gear, but I had zero gold. Im sorry, I wish I had more information to give you.

I think I got this resolved for you last night. Are you still having issue with this?