LOL Moments

Stuck between a tree and the heal shrine


u should make diet schedule. or maybe bring him to hospital, his head too big, probably have tumor lol

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Someone set up their AI incorrect, so they just walked towards me and we ended up kissing <3.

Also, I had a bug almost a year ago where your character would vanish in the title screen and become invisible. I made a screenshot but that was on my old phone QQ

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They was like let’s be friends, the you was like sure and shot them in the back. :smiling_imp::v::gun:

Actually in the front >.< There is no way to shoot someone who is running to you in the back XD

Umm with the bow and guidedshot you can (:smile:

(ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ︵┻┻

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But as I learned today piercing does absolutely nothing right now! Look at the dev Q&A patch for details.

Oh I was about to try it on my gear thanks for the info

I hated getting stuck on my warrior lol. I keep a Equip with blinkstrike proc lol.

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Smart. I try using a spear and fail so hard lol.

The winner is…

Lol same dead