Looking for a little guidance

Looking for some guidance on what i sould change about my build what i need etc.

Flat hp for the pet and remove hit on hit
for the Primary weapon make it storm and a second skill
Secondary weapon skulldraga or scalp

Make a combo to all your affixes. if you are a poison type user. better to equip gears with druidic and plagued set affixes…

Could u explain a lil more indeplth plz

For the primay weapon and the skill

Nvm i fiqured it out

Change element on pet to poison and add element damage

my bad what is your build pve or pvp?


Prismatic on pet maybe

Is that an epic affix

I have to farm some crystals again running low

go for Element Dmg% for pve the more.yiu have the better the dmg also use Momentum “Set affix/green” for more dmg and speed at pve

I am dieing almost i stantly on lvl 250 m3 +

@Short when I got up to those levels, Dodge 60% really helped out. as long as you can kill or immobilize the monsters before they can attack you, the few that do are easier to Dodge than if you are Dodging 10+ attacks at once. now I have 60% Dodge and 45% Block, and it is working nicely. I have Sanctuary and Dodge 20% on the Hireling gear that I am using for Ascending my Hirelings. the Hireling doesn’t die that much, and the Sanctuary keeps the number of deaths down.
basically you need a build that is good at killing monsters fast, so you don’t die very often, or enough Dodge, Block, Sanctuary combinations to keep you alive long enough to kill the monsters before they take your weapons for trophies. the higher you go up in floors, the better the monsters are at killing you with one hit. if you want, go to a lower difficulty level so that you don’t die as much, so you can get a feel for a build that can survive the higher floors, and then go back to M3.

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