Loot affixes: rng or floors weighted?

So I recently made a hunter ring and started farming shines on various floors. I start the floor, run to the near by shine, kill and reset. It wasn’t bad for quickly getting the epic> legend> mythic feats completed but it got boring fast.
I picked floor 186, for the desert environment. I needed to complete the electrified set in my legendex and since the shines are extremely close to the start point in that stage it was great. While farming I found 2 crystal items in about an hour. The odd thing was both items had the crystal affix of all resist. I thought back and I had the same thing happen a few days ago when farming floor 200, for quick gold to convert mythstones. The floor 200 crystal affixes I found were both attack speed.
So I’m just curious if anyone else has encountered the repeated affix finds when farming one stage in particular.

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I’ve had times where I farm the same floor over and over (like, 20 or 25 times in a row, per game session) and I’ve received numerous copies of the exact same legendary item.

For example, 2 days ago I farmed floor 181 (Mythic 3, if that matters) exactly 16 times. Out of those 16 runs, I found 6 legendary amulets (among other drops), but the interesting thing was that ALL six of those amulets were Will of the Force. What are the odds? Well, if I knew specific drop rates, I could tell you the exact odds – but seriously, all six of them being the exact same legendary amulet? I know RNG is RNG, but I thought it smelled a bit fishy…