Lost account save

I am a big fan of this game, i’ve had it downloaded for probably 2 years now , i enjoy playing it on and off alot. I had a level 59 wizard and a level 52 berserker saved on my android tablet. Earlier this evening i accidently pressed download in the cloud screen , thinking that it would download those characters to this device but what i did was accidently download my old upload off the cloud and lost hours of game play and a few bucks in transactions that i made on and off in the process of leveling up those two characters. IS there any way you guys can go into the logs and see my old save files and restore my account back a couple of hours. Please let me know. My DQ account is the same as the email linked to this forum account. Thanks.

Hey! Please contact the support including your DQ account address. I am sure they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

Thank you i will do that now.