Lost account

Good day,
Im new in the game and i played almost 3 days now. I love playing it I register and account aswell but the problem is my brother uninstall the game and when i install again the game my character is not there anymore even i log in my account. Please help thanks, i want my character back been playing 3 days all the time to grind and level my ass :grin:

You probaly didn’t upload your acc to your cloud

Yup i dont :sob::sob::sob:. But its okay i will just make a new character then. Thank you for the quick response and ill make sure next time i will upload to my cload. Thank you

Glad i helped :slight_smile:

@Vanniboy might be able to get help from the people a support if you logged in with an email im not 100% sure but some other people have asked the same thing and sometimes they can get their accounts back Lost Character <----- The guy in this post named Griffin might be able to help