Lost character... i think

Good day. Need some help here. Playing the game on my mobile phone and decide to save the character on Cloud, then to delete and make a new one(havent bought char slot). Thats ok, but when i try to save the other character it overwrite the save on the previous one and it seems i lost it… My question is: Can i restore it by my self or can DQ team do it?

When I started playing, there was the same problem. Refer to the moderators in the mail, they can restore, only without items (
Well then, maybe now they’re recovering with items.

If you are only playing with one character and you upload that data, it will be on the back up server in case you need to download that data again from a lost device, or you move devices, etc.

If you then create a new character, play that character on your account, then upload that new character. It will REPLACE the data you already have on the server.

At that time, the only data on the server will be what you have uploaded most recently. In your case that second characters data will be stored over the original data and that original data will be lost.