Lost character levels and items

Hello. My phone recently locked itself out and erased everything on it, including dungeon quest. I reinstalled and download off the cloud. Problem is I was set back to lvl 94 and lost dozens of legend pieces and dozens more of myth stones. Is there anyway to get my items back? The levels are fine but I had soooo many legend items that took me well over 6monthsome to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the game so much but I’ve lost enthusiasm for it knowing how much time and good items I lost

This is an offline game for the most part. We are unable to help you recover all of your items as we have no track of them (everything is saved on your phone). We can attempt to recover some of them.

Please contact Support hopefully they can help you out:

Thank you very much for the extremely fast response. And I willove try support. Thank you