Lost characters in DQ

Hi, I don’t know if I am supposed to post here for these types of problems if I’m not I’m sorry. A while back I played dungeon quest, a time when there wasn’t a DQ cloud to save progress on. During this time, I had my account linked to my email. After getting a new phone, I decided to download the game on it and play with my old character. To my surprise though I did not have my old character :/. I I logged into the same email I used on my old phone and my character wasn’t there… I had a warrior, and I don’t know much that was on him or his level, but I do know that he had a green chest plate with the blink strike proc along with an explosion proc from the offhand. He also had a sword named Broadway I think. I’m not sure if it’s possible to restore characters but if so please help :s

Hi Curry, please contact us at support@shinyboxgames.com and provide us your DQ Account email, we’re more than happy to help :smile:

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Thank you for a quick reply :smile: I have emailed support thank you.