Lost crystal when switched apps

Good day!

So, I lost 2 Citrines when I applied them to an item.

The issue was that I applied it to an armor and when the list of choices shoewed up I switched apps to chrome browser to check wich option I would choose, but when I came back to the game it started again (as if I closed it) but checking my stash, I was missing one citrine.

So I tried it again to check if it would happen again and it did…

If you need more info please let me know.

Is it possible to have them back?

It is NOT a bug. It just works that way.

As soon as you press Apply button, the crystal is used up.

In your specific circumstance, Chrome ate a lot of RAM when you started it, tickling the android’s OOM to kill the previous apps residing in your multitasking list, INCLUDING dungeon quest.

Bottomline is, blame Chrome, not DQ. It is not DQ’s fault. Chrome is a crappy voracious ram eater. Stay away from it.

Hi cyberjuba,

While ocenyx is correct, this is not a bug doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink that this happened! Please email support@shinyboxgames.com and I will work with you to correct this issue.

Thank for playing DQ!!

Oh, ok, I thought it was something on DQ, but that was my fault them…

Thank you tdaniel, I will.


i lose my orb eternal set, 1 ruby and 1 amethyst. when i play. i got ruby and amethyst via merchant. then while play game suddently game stopped. re-run app back… it bring me to the first time game set. withis i need to start back from where i upload my data… losing eternal set. withis extreme precious to me are no joke lol.

Send support an detailed report of what happened. I am sure they will try to help you as best they can.

Thanks for remind me the support team. Idk if they can help that. but i hope they can.