Lost everything on my account

Okei, so here it goes… I was just getting in to the game, and I for some strange reason, I wasn’t logged in… And when I noticed it, I had nothing, 0 characters, nothing… Absolutely nothing, so I logged in, and still, NOTHING!! Please say there’s a reason for this… I have even checked if I could download any characters, but I have nothing to download… So what’s the reason for everything to dissappear… Even used some bucks on this game, and I even don’t have those advantage either, so this is pretty fuckd up… So If someone can help me fix this, that would make my day!!

Hey! Please contact the support. I am sure they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

I’ve tried, and there’s no response…

Please be patience. It’s still holiday. They will answer you as soon as possible.

But I wanna play… :sweat: I’ve come so far :sweat_smile: And it’s no annoying since I’ve used some money on it :expressionless:

Well I figured this the hard way. But what you cam do is create another account until you get it other one back… If you bought permanent IAP then you could use them on it New one.

Oh man, that’'s sad to hear… I’ve spent money and a lot of time😅

If you spent money, just hit restore purchases and that should readd all your purchased content :slight_smile:

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And where do you do that ?

In game, press pause and then scroll over to social/IAP and at the bottom it should say restore purchases

Hey buddy.

They will fix it. I promise. I have had several dealings with the devs(or whomever is at the wheel with fixing stuff) and I have to say they have gone so far and above what I needed and expected that you have nothing to worry about. It is the holidays so it may take a min but trust me, you won’t lose a thing and probably will get a boost or something for your trouble. These guys are great.

Btw, I’m no bot. Just started playing a few weeks back when the clash of clans update went to shit and I needed a back up game. I have never had such a good customer service story as I’ve had with these guys. Not in real life, not online. Your problem will be fixed, rest assured.



Hmm thats interesting :expressionless:… But to be honest getting your purchased items back is easy, just hit the restore purchases button and you should get your items you brought back, unless you got one of those boost things that go away after a bit of time, i dont believe they get restored, otherwise i would of had unlimited boosts :innocent:
And i dont mean that to be offensive to you justin :slight_smile:

Not even sure what could have been offensive to me about your post. My post was a simple "how great the customer service has been post).

I saw no unlimited exploit or anything :slight_smile:

If hitting restore purchase works for him and this set of circumstances, awesome. It didn’t work for mine and they still took care of me. As good as it gets.

Absolutely no insult or damage done my friend :slight_smile:

Fair enough but basically i brought some items for a friend using my gmail but when i went to buy the same stuff on my own accounti couldnt because my gmail already had the receipts, so basically i was asking for the restore purchases button without even knowing, but they didnt quite understand my question i dont think and then when they didnt respond to my second and third email, i went to google playstore customer services andthey told me sraight up what to look for and i logged into the game and within minutes of messaging google for help it was done :slight_smile:
But i will admit they responded to my first email very quickly and tryed there best to help me there :slight_smile:

Ah, that is a rather interesting set of circumstances. I can see how that might be confusing.

I started playing about 2ish weeks ago. I spent a ton on gold. Blew it all gambling on random stuff in the store and disenchanting junk. Had no idea it was a waste. I had just left clash of clans and got a refund from Google over their new update and so I came to this game with a chip on my shoulder. I spent 60 bucks on gold and it was gone so quickly with little to show for it. Also had some items disappear from my inventory. I sent a message about the items and my whole inventory was filled with legendaries.

Sent a message about the gold and my feelings of being upset about what I got and how I was a noob for blowing it all not really knowing what I’d get and was loaded back up with gold. Every email was answered immediately and with a real person behind it. That real person had empathy for my situation, even though in one case they reasonably shouldn’t have and it seriously impressed me.

I decided right after that treatment to become a DQ recruiter. The pay to play setup has been exploited and I hate it. The model DQ follows is fair, profitable and worth what you spend without making the little guy that spends nothing left behind. Its what in my opinion is what apps should be like.

Anyway, back to the grind :slight_smile:

Glad to hear they fixed your problem though!

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Still haven’t had a response to my mail or anything… Can’t even buy stuff in the game or create another character…

Hey Legzo, we respond to every support email we get, so it seems like for some reason we didn’t get your email.

Please try again and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, thank you and sorry for your issues!

I’ll try to send a new email! Thanks for the reply, appreciated :clap:


Did I get you taken care of?