Lost item after a wierd bug


I opened a map and both my main and hireling got instakilled, probably by an exploding chest/loot box.

That is fine, but then I could revive my hireling for 100 gold. All items in hirelings inventory where full of ?-items with bugged icons.

So, I just went to main menu and played another map. Then my hirelings main weapon was replaced with a bugged ?-item but other items where fine.

I quit again, opened another map and now my hirelings weapon is a level 1 sword.

That kinda sucks since my main weapon was this one here and I like it:

So, should I upload this saved game to the the cloud and hope that the support can revive my weapon or should I try upload an old save from another android device, download that (with the weapon) and write off whatever I have gained since then.

Is there some data in my account that could help the devs track down this bug. Losing items is imho a pretty nasty bug for a game like this.


Yea I had the same issue. Lost a Crystal mana shield that had 42% glasscannon. So can u set ur skill points already?

Hey! Just contact the support for this issue please. I am sure, they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

I reported this issue through email before. Twice. They are going to take note of it.

I also encountered like this bug… The MH weapon of my hireling was gone… I am confused where did it put… I checked it out in my bag even in stash but nothing on it. Now I play some map with lag, I think this issue should be fixed and the lost gears will return