Lost items and different character display

I’m new to this game, dunno how to fix the problems that occurred, I purchased à new slot for another character, the first character i created was wizard, after I completed all the floor quest i’ve decided to create another one, I created warrior, but i,'be noticed that the first character I’ve made on the first slot also became a warrior and all the good items were replaced by items similar to the new character I’ve created. Where did those good items i’ve saved for my wizzard? Can you please address my concerns. Thank you

umm… what you mean? by first character, do uyou mean by slot or during play.
During play, your playig as a different character.

on the slots - your first slot is actually the 2nd

Idk if this helped any but oh well…

@bok72 email me here: support@shinyboxgames.com and I will get you some help.