Luck and Gold in early game stages

I’m a new player who’s been searching the forums for tips and tricks to get me started in the right direction.

One thing I’m seeing is that for xp farming you want to get +luck and +gold affix on as a big priority.

Can someone break down a bit more for me why this is true? I obviously uneed stand it is good to gave more gold and items, but at the expense of not wearing a “more powerful” item?

Many thanks!

When people talk about getting luck and gold for farming they are talking about item farming not XP farming for your first trip to 99 just focus on what gear is stronger :smile:

Basically you want to ultimately build two sets of equipment: one used on lower level floors that is weaker, but has a lot of luck and item find, then your other set is focused purely on damage and survivability. However, since certain items used for both sets requires a certain floor to obtain, it’s better to focus on your damage/survivability set first. Once you have the set you want, then farm for crystals and myth stones to tweak it to perfection!

Thanks to both!

So I’m getting the sense from the replies and also from the more I read that:

I should just worry about playing through and grinding to level 99 before I really start being too concerned with my build (especially since respec is relatively cheap). Even before I start playing too much pvp, I should just get through to 99 trying things out along the way learning more as I go. Don’t worry too much about gold and luck affixes your first play through because they’ll be plenty of time for it later, and you really can’t earn all that much before you get to 99 anyway.

Once I’ve done that, then I can start to really fine tune and tweak my builds for pvp and end game fun.

Would most everyone say that is the best recommendation to a new player?

Yes, try getting to 99 first that way you can have the true potential of your build

Everyone wants a million dollars, man.

'nuff said.

Realistically, that’s the point of the game: Get more stuff. It would be boring if everything was free.

Yep. I wasn’t at all saying that wasn’t good…just making sure I’ve got basic mechanics as I start playing more.

I’ve been playing rpgs long enough to know that’s the general idea behind almost all of them. If you find it pointless or boring…go play angry birds :).

Coincidentally, getting more stuff also seems to be the point of life :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, I do have many more questions about which attacks are best for pvp/pve, but I’m sure there are many posts on this. So far storm seems to be beat for Wizard imho.

One thing that you should use in pvp is Cerebral Vortex set. It will make torrents on enemy if you are hit (some kind of reflect damage i say, but just better). But, you can make most skills work in pvp. Items and their affixes are more important. Skills you choose to suit your playstyle.

Yes! Storm is pretty much the strongest spell. But it’s extremely innacurate and doesn’t always go where you want it. My personal favorite is twister! You can aim it, and it pulls enemies toward it! You can get it from either a Glove type weapon or roll it onto any weapon with Amber.

Do you say that the AI of your ally is better at aiming Storm, so its the strongest for them to use? Or are they just as bad at aiming?

So far it seems like the former - AI is very good at making sure Storm hits.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a Cerberal Vortex set…I’m up to level 45.

Will def keep eye out for it!

Yeah I forgot that you need to be floor 600 to get it :confused:

That kinda represents humanity in a nutshell :laughing: Born too early to explore space but too late to explore the Earth. However, we were born just in time to explore in video games to satisfy the feeling of exploring /getting treasure when it’s hard in real life.