Luck Bug

My luck when I’m with hireling is bugged.
650% GoldF/Luck on Hireling
812% GoldF/Luck on Main(with Epiphany)
And Fortunate Perk on both.

Without Hireling both get cap stats (1012% on main and 850% on hireling[as main]) but when I put both, the GoldF stays 1012% but my Luck goes to 981.2%, no matter if I add more Luck on both or use a Luck Shrine.

Edit1: those 812% on main and 650% on hireling I checked in Stats Page when they were together, still 981.2% on Luck.

Luck, Item Drop Rate, and Experience is averaged between Main & Hireling. Gold Find is not. on my Main & Hireling, I don’t put Gold Find on the Hireling. the +100% Item Drop for using a Farm Team is added after the averaging.

I also think if both characters have 1012% luck then there’s a cap in 2 character farming.

Oh, ty. I tought the Epiphany were added after the spllit… Thank u

Its not bug, if u use hireling… u luck and gold find will got averaged… so u need increase luck on ur hireling to a bit

Epiphany(5) only raises the Cap, to 812% I believe for Luck & Gold Find. I had noticed a problem with Gold Find when using a Main & Hireling and did some tests. it wasn’t being averaged like Luck was, so I took it off of my Hireling. don’t know if GF on Hireling only works, only tested if I could get GF Cap with GF on Main only, and it worked. that opens some space on Hireling for killing monsters.

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I fkd my hireling build switching things to GF, now it’s way less effective :confused:

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@LuiiS, this is a gold mine of PVP and PVE builds for your hireling:

As far as I know the PVE builds above are still just as good up to this day.

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back in the day when I searched the Forum to learn how to make a Farm Team Build, the Threads I found said Gold Find was averaged between the Main & Hireling. it was after I had made my Farm Team Build and looked at the Stat Page that I noticed a discrepancy between what was on my Characters Items and the Stat Page. that was when I did some testing and came to the conclusion that you only need GF on one Character. it has been so long, that I don’t remember if you can have GF on either Character or only on the Main. but even so, since most Farm affixes are on the Main, may as well put GF on the Main so there is more room on Hireling for killing monsters.

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I was adding farming affixes on hireling only for the ones that are averaged, nothing more. All farming sets I already use only on main.