Luck/drop/item etc

Do the luck item drop eternalized items etc of hireling Stack With the Main char? Or how Do IT works

When using a hireling your actual Luck/Item Drop will be calculated as: (Your Main Character’s Luck/Item Drop + Hireling’s Luck/Item Drop):2

Eternalized/Crystalline/Mythical Set Items will only work when your MAIN Character has one of these Sets equipped.

Didn’t know this… I’ve been using crystallized main and eternalized hireling. It seems that I’ve been betting more eternal than crystal items. Both have max luck and item drops. Usually both eternal and crystal items get picked up by my hireling though

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Crystalline items do not impact your ability to find a crystal legend. They improve the rarity of the crystals you find.

Crystallized is for crystals, NOT for crystal items.

…or did that change when I wasn’t looking? :laughing: