Luck nerf?

I’m crafting some gear for one of my more for fun wizard builds and pre-patch with Max luck you had a decent chance of getting a perfect roll when applied but I’ve noticed post patch that it is drastically more rare for a perfect roll first try was it nerfed or am I just unlucky today

I believe the chance is (and was) based solely on item quality, not luck (the stat).

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Nope actually in fact luck in the past did actually play a roll and I am referring entirely too already 25% item quality items sorry for not clarifying that in the original post

Do you mind letting me know where we got that claim confirmed, that luck on gear affects crafting rolls? Not trying to be difficult, I just want to make sure before I change my crafting habits. Thanks.

There was a post about it a couple months back and from my own experience crafting builds with all perfect rolls last patch if you had say 650% luck you’d get perfect rolls of whatever affix you applied over 50% of the time probably more like 65-80% of the time and if you didn’t you’d practically never get a perfect roll first try I actually have a chaos wizard from last patch with all perfect rolled gear because almost always you’d get the perfect roll first try and if I didn’t I’d strip the affix and apply Ruby’s again until I got it perfect