LUCK still bugged till now [Not a Bug]

So, I’ve played today to check if the famousUploading… luck bug from the previous update have been fixed already and it’s no good. My Luck% is still stucked at 840%. I’ve even get Epiphany to reach the full potential of my farm gear and only the Gold Find% is capped at it’s finest. Can you guys tell me if there are others in here who encountered the same issue?

The luck bug has been fixed if you’re having a problem it’s with your gear set up and not the game :smile:

No mate. I exactly have the same value of LUCK% and GOLD FIND% +2 75% of them in my pet take note, it’s all stacked in my main. I’m pretty sure my hireling have nothing to do with it since he doesn’t even have any farming affixes. I’ve checked the pets. There’s no problem. Really.

…the game averages farming stats so if your hireling doesn’t have any farming stats of course you can’t reach the cap =P :smile:

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So, if that’s it then why did I get an overall 1012% Gold Find when my hireling doesn’t even have Gold find affixes? If it have it’s only the heroic points of fortune at rank 6. So, basically it should have the same value with luck since they are all the same right?

No clue on the gold find it may be bugged I’ll have to go and check on it but luck is working just fine :smile:

I’m done talking. I’ll show you my gears so that you will believe that it’s really bugged.


You need to wait till the window says the photo is done uploading before you send the message :smile:

I have a feeling that there is some sort of bug also. Not the 100% bug as before last patch, but at least there is something else I don’t understand.
2 screenshots, taken on the exact same map, a long with their respective stat/luck:


Both set ups are with a hireling attached, same gear for both screen shots.
I’d think that the 225% extra on the Nadroji would move me away from the 444,8%?

I figured it out already :smiley: my bad. Sorry. It was really the Gold find which is quetionable since it was capped already when I’m lacking some LUCK and GOLD FIND affixes in my hireling :smiley: @Wack tryna check your set-up. I think you’re missing something outhere mate :slight_smile:

btw, thanks @Griffin012 for the feedback :wink:

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Glad I could help out :smile: :green_heart:

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Interesting… Does that mean by both toons wearing their farming gear improves the average when i open my chest?

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Yes but it is simply easier to use 1 character at max luck and open the chests that way instead of using 2 characters at max luck as it will be the exact same result :smile:


Well, to reach the highest potential. Use Epiphany :smiley: there is no better than having 1012% Luck! haha

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But what about the mythical 1110 luck :open_mouth:

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never had an idea about it man :smile: 1110 really?? :open_mouth:

Yup technically with the full epiphany set and +4 all sets you can reach 1110 luck :smile: (it’s super inefficient and you shouldn’t do it though :stuck_out_tongue:)

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haha I might be sticking to 1012% rather than getting it though. I think it’s already the perfect set-up for me so yeah :smile:

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Haha yup 1110 is pretty bad because you need that crystalline and eternalized :smile: