Lucky Guide PVP

Sup, remember LOHKO Build i give hint in GreenGarden Build revealed.? i think i finally completing that build. Hehe… As i said on that thread im gonna post that build. but too bad i dont have time to screenshot all the thing and crop edit eth. so i just gonna post it discription pros&con.

*LOHKO= Lucky One Hit K.O
Pros: Single attack with 100% kill if hit jackpot. (that why this build name is lucky lol)

Con: Dont have any survival skill except sentuary.

this build idea come from some thread ive read, as Ocenyx said “Hp almost useless in high floor” that it self give me idea, who care having low hp in arena. as long as i can just 1 shot them before they reach me.

This guide only for rogue user [BOW] since i dont have time to make proper Guide u can wait for the affix or whatever screenshot of my setup OR u can just play 1v1 Arena, if u encounter with me. check profile, and look on XTREME build. that the build im talking about.

Enjoy this brutal damage ⇩


Its brutal indeed. Cant wait anymore bro!

Mind to share the equipment?